Ethereal : of or relating to the regions beyond the earth: Celestial, Heavenly, Unworldly, Spiritual. Marked by unusual delicacy or refinement.


Saturday, September 26, 2009

Custom White Oak front door.

Awhile back I met a very kind woman who lives in Levan. She hired me to build her custom interior rail as well and an arbor for her front yard. The most recent job I did was a White Oak front door for her. She had an idea of what she wanted, but couldn't find it anywhere, so she called me. It's a craftsman style door with Gothic glass windows, she loved it.

New Forum

I have started a blog to continue my efforts in letting the world know about by business, Ethereal Furnishings! I will be posting pictures from all of my projects, so please leave your comments and let me know what you think! To all my family and friends, let everyone you know about me and my business! Thanks!