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Monday, February 7, 2011

Extra Points!

Alright Dudes, Valentines day is coming up soon. What are you getting for that special someone? I have the answer right here. Nothing says lovin' like a new entertainment center!
 There you go, that's my sales pitch. Now lets get down to the details.
-Certified Rustic Cherry.
-All solid hardwood construction.
-Black lacquer inside,then cleared with lacquer and finally, treated with briwax for an extremely durable finish.
-Outside, the Rustic Cherry is clear coated with lacquer. Next it is glazed with dark brown for extra depth. -Finally it is again coated with 3 more coats of clear lacquer.
-Now the Metal. 1 1/2" c channel is rolled to match the radius over the doors. 1 1/2" strap is cut to length for all the other pieces.
- "Rivets" are made to secure the metal to the wood.
- All metal is sanded to remove mill scale and then treated with briwax for a protective finish.
-The inside has holes along the shelves for cable routing and plenty of open space along the back for air flow for your components.
- dimensions are  67" long x 22" deep x 32" tall
- 10 1/2" clearance on top shelf, 9 1/2" clearance on bottom shelf.
-Don't worry about getting a signal to your components, Just pick up an infrared sensor. It works like a champ.

This thing is awesome. I almost don't want it to sell so I can keep it for myself.
   --- $1200.00 ---  or make me an offer I can't refuse.
 Give me a call or send a message to come see it in person anytime. 801-360-2795