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Sunday, January 31, 2010

A couple of recent projects

I said I was going to post some projects, so here they are.
The first is a media table made of Hard Maple, finished with a dark stain, then a chocolate spray stain to blend any inconsistencies in the wood, then a couple coats of lacquer, then a dark brown glaze and finally a couple more coats of lacquer. Yeah it is a lot of finish but it had to match the existing furniture.
The table also features hand forged scrolls. Now I know what some of you might be thinking. "those are not true scrolls". I know, but I have found over my years as an Iron worker that "true" scrolls are boring. I design my scrolls with personality. So when you get "Hand made one of a kind" from Ethereal Furnishings, it really is one of a kind. Every piece is original and not reproduced. So as I was saying, hand forged scrolls with a "copper vein" powder coat finish.

Next is another media center. Also made of Hard Maple. This time it was because the customer wanted a really light wood. I guess this post goes to show the versatility of Hard Maple.
This piece features a unique design centered around the specific components of the customers media set up. A large shelf for a massive center channel speaker, a decorative top for aesthetic appeal because the t.v. is mounted on the wall directly above the media center, and open slots on the doors for easy viewing of the components displays.
The design style came out of a meeting with the customer and myself. The idea was to have something that had a combination of "Industrial", "Nautical", "Old and Worn" and "heavy".
The metal work on the piece is like every thing I do... hand made. Hammered strap adds substance to the doors and gives it a masculine feel. The metal panels on top are bordered with hammered strap as well, and the actual metal panel is treated with a heating process that almost gives the appearance of cells bumping into each other.
The wood is finished with clear lacquer and given a coat of dark brown glaze to give it the "old and worn" look that was desired. And the inside of the unit was painted with black lacquer to keep the media equipment hidden.

No matter what your needs are. If it's wood or metal, big or small, commercial or residential. Ethereal Furnishings can help. Give us a call or email with your ideas and we will give you a price, free of charge.

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