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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

It's a tough job but someones gotta do it !

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to do some work up Hobble Creek Canyon. No it wasn't on one of those ridiculous Mansion "cabins". It was on a real cabin. The place was awesome. I have done work for the owners before at a couple other locations. They are great people! They have decided to rent out the cabin for weekend getaways and such, so they asked if I would build some cabinets to replace the washer, dryer and trash compactor. No sense in having all those problematic devices when you a just trying to relax for the weekend.
I built the cabinets to match the existing profiles and all, cleaned up the washer hook ups and added some under cabinet l.e.d. lighting for the new work space. It wasn't the biggest job ever, but it was nice to get up in the mountains and work in peace for the day.
Thanks so much too the Christophers for letting me helpout.

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