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Monday, November 1, 2010

Recent projects

There has be quite a lot of stuff happening this summer and fall. I can't seem to find the ability to sit down and focus on a blog update very often, so I will just cram a bunch of stuff in right now.

Early in the summer I was involved in the remodel of Freedom Credit Union in Provo. Ethereal Furnishings was hired to do all the mill work, cabinets, counter tops and some steel work as well.

Shortly after the Credit Union was finished I was hired to do the cabinets and counter tops for Utah Valley Pediatrics in Saratoga Springs. That job consisted of a reception area, nurse/lab area, hallway storage, pediatrician work station and six exam rooms. Thank you to John with R4 Constructors for being so good to work for on both these projects.

During this time there has also been a bunch of ornamental railing and gate jobs, a hand full of concrete work, and a bunch of little projects in between.

I want to thank all the customers that have given me the chance to help with their projects lately. Thanks to Ben and Andy for helping out when things got a little busy.

As always, if there is anything Ethereal Furnishings can do for you Let me know.

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